About Us

Who We Are

Pastor Cary Gordon and his wife Molly Gordon wanted to offer a program that disrupts the cultural norm and celebrates the natural gifting’s of young men. Troop 1012 has all of the tools required to help your son reach adulthood with honor and integrity.  Throughout this program they will experience camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities that will help build deep relationships and provide a special context for leadership, problem solving, conflict resolution, and character building. 

Our Team

Troop 1012 has a team of dedicated individuals that walk out their faith with integrity on a daily basis. All of our members have signed a Trinitarian statement of faith and values that is unapologetically Christian. 

Ted and Victoria Hamilton

Ted and Victoria run multiple businesses, have three little boys with one on the way, and are highly invested in making sure our troop offers the highest caliber of biblical quality in every meeting. Ted runs our Walk Worthy program and serves as chaplain of Troop 1012, while Victoria stays busy as our Troop Ministry Liaison.

Pastor Cary and Molly Gordon

Pastor Cary is the senior pastor at Cornerstone World Outreach. He and his wife, Molly, serve as Troop 1012's Institution Heads. These two are the heartbeat of our program and we are so grateful to them for their leadership.

Chris Pierce

Chris is a Godly man that leads a wonderful family inculding his wife Kelli and three children. Chris is a Veteran that has served our country over many tours. He currently serves as our Troop Master and leads our direct contact team with great integrity.

Ryan Beardshear

Ryan is a dedicated member of Cornerstone World Outreach and serves as our Committee Chairman. He and his wife April are devoted parents to 3 wonderful children.

Michaela McMahon

Michaela is a Godly woman that loves to serve her church. Her family includes her husband Brian and son Azariah. She is creative, organized, and balanced. She serves as our Content Manager and will be keeping Facebook and the Trail Life web page up-to-date while sharing all the special moments throughout our year.

Joy Krei

Joy Krei is the accountant at Cornerstone World Outreach and works diligently in all she does. Her and her husband Carter are devoted parents to their two beautiful children.